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Holiday Decor Made Easy

With the holiday season revving up, it’s time to break out those decorations from storage.  If you’ve just moved to a new home, this is your chance to start with new pieces or find new uses for treasured ones that fit the new space.  For those who have downsized, or moved to a condominium, it may be time to start thinking of creative ways to show your holiday spirit without the hammers, ladders, or hassle.

We’ve collected 8 simple yet still festive ways to decorate for the holiday season! These ideas can be applied not just to Christmastime, but Valentine’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, and more with just a little bit of creativity.

  1. Fill jars or vases with festive fillers 

For Christmastime, these jars can be filled with ornaments for a colorful table setting, easily found at your local craft store. Refill the jars throughout the year with other seasonal or holiday fillers. For example, American flags and red, white, and blue twinkle lights for July 4th, or fake autumnal leaves, cinnamon sticks, and decorative wooden orbs during Fall. The possibilities are endless, and you can always set each filling aside for the next year! This jar idea is not only great for tables, but can be placed in other areas around the home like mantles and shelves!

  1. Accent pieces sit on surfaces such as mantles, countertops, side tables, etc. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but challenge yourself to keep an eye out at markets, craft stores, and home goods stores for trinkets that will accent the room with the perfect touch of the holiday spirit. Small reindeer, snowmen, snow globes, and Christmas trees are just a few examples of ways to incorporate holiday décor, as well as some color and texture to your space!

Pro tip: Differentiate the heights of each item on the same surface to draw the eye!

  1. Holiday accent pillows and hand towels (kitchen, bathroom)

We have another simple and effective decor idea that is also practical! These days, home stores offer a wide array of festive pillows and towels ranging from elegant to downright silly! Find what suits your style and viola, a whole living room can be transformed with just a few new pieces.

For the towels, mixing one seasonal towel with some solids provides festive decor and also a towel that can be used year-round.

Try to come up with some other small and practical items to add in your home. For example, festive tie backs could also be applied to curtains!

  1. Use command hooks to hang signs & banners instead of screws or nails 

This tip is especially handy for those who are none too keen on hammering new holes into the wall for a simple holiday sign. Instead, purchase Command Hooks from your local superstore, craft store, or hardware store. Command Hooks are sturdy enough to hold nearly any item, and the pull tab on the sticker allows you to remove the hook once you’re done using it without ruining your paint! Use the hooks to hang garlands, wreaths, banners, stockings, and more!


  1. Magnets on the fridge 

Next, let your refrigerator in on the fun with colorful magnets, family photos & greeting cards, or tape a cute design to the front like the snowman below. Your guests will surely notice this unique display of the holiday spirit as they reach for a cool drink!

Copy this idea on your front doors as well for an inviting exterior this holiday season. Or use wrapping paper to make the door look like a wrapped gift- don’t forget the bow!

  1. Tie decorative ribbon around seatbacks 

Make use of another commonly forgotten surface to decorate- the dining seats! Keep it simple and classy with ribbons or streamers displaying the holiday’s colors. Tie a pretty bow to add a touch of elegance, and use any leftover ribbon throughout the home to tie the look together! Take it a step further by adding a wreath or holly to the bow.

  1. Holiday florals 

Find different size and style vases and jars and fill them with florals that match the season or have colors that fit the holiday. Cranberry or pine branches, Poinsettias, or red and white flowers are perfect for Christmas, whereas sunflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies are perfect for summertime! You can choose to visit your local market for fresh florals, or stop by the craft store for fake ones that look pretty real, but last much longer.

  1. Bowls of holiday candy 

Lastly, be your guests’ favorite home to visit by stocking up on holiday candy and treats! Set them out throughout the home in simple glass bowls or colorful, festive dishware to tie it all together. This is another idea that is easily interchangeable throughout the year and will be the perfect decorative – and delicious – accent in a pinch!


There you have it, 8 simple, quick, and hassle-free ways to show your holiday spirit this season – without dulling your festive sparkle! Do you already use some of these tips, or plan to? Let us know in the comments!

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