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How to Feel Settled Into a New Home After Moving

You have just moved into your new home.  Perhaps it is a new condo in Holland, MI on Lake Macatawa and near the shores of Lake Michigan built by Covenant Development.  It’s Summer, the weather is great on the lake, and ideally, you would like to settle into your new space quickly so that you can get right into enjoying your new relaxed lifestyle and beautiful surroundings.

But where do you start?  Well, here are a few suggestions to help you transition faster once the movers have left.

Living Room

Before placing furniture in your living room, start with where the television will be set. Build your room around some of the interior finishes, such as the nicely appointed fireplace, of your new condo in Holland, MI.  Then set your largest piece of furniture, like the couch, in that room and in view of the television. There will probably a few places where you can place the couch, so move it around to see how best the traffic flow would move in and out of the room. Then set additional side tables and chairs in that space to compliment the seating area.

Before hanging photos and artwork on the wall, first set them on the floor below where you think you will want to display them.  As you take a few days to settle in, you might move some things around and therefore need to move artwork. By setting wall decor on the floor first, you can save yourself the headache of adding unnecessary nail holes until you are confident of where you want to place your wall art.


The kitchen of your new condo in Holland, MI, with its designer style finishes will be a focal point in your main living area. First, if you are morning coffee or tea drinker, start with selecting the area of your counter where you will place your coffee maker. Use the cabinets immediately above or below to place mugs and coffee or tea accessories.

Find a large convenient drawer to place your silverware and then a cabinet above it to place everyday dishes, cups, plates and bowls. If you have a separate bar area, then try and store the related glassware nearby, along with the bar accessories like openers, etc.

Next move to your pantry. Select the shelves or area for your baking and spices then designate the other areas of your pantry for specific types of dry good, such as breakfast, snacks, and canned goods. Use storage solutions for your pantry that might include behind the door shelving and/or tiered shelves for cans.

Master Suite

Take time to unpack all of the items for your large walk-in master closet by sorting clothes by either color, activity (outdoor recreation, casual, dress, etc.), or type (pants, shirts, jackets, etc.). Determine an area in the closet where you can easily access shoes or accessories such as belts, purses, and undergarments.

Set up your bathroom keeping frequently used items handy. This might be another space you organize and then reorganize again in the near future based on how you use the space.

Décor Ideas

If you are starting fresh with new décor, many interior designers will recommend that you select a whole house color scheme to use a foundation for all of your decorating. Consider a color palate that also compliments the tones of the fixtures, hardware, cabinets and countertops that you selected for the home through the design process. Then build out the décor in each room by selecting a color from the palate.

Your new condo in Holland, MI already has abundant natural light throughout its spacious floorplan. Add some glass vases or similar pieces to use in almost any room to showcase this lighting and openness.  Let your creativity and imagination help you as you take inventory of the pieces you already have and consider shopping your home before heading out to the stores to buy new. You would be surprised at what you have inside your own home that can be pulled from one room to create a better display in another room.

Get Outside

Remember to take a break from unpacking to go outside and walk. Don’t try and unpack everything in the condo in one day.  Tackle spaces like guest bedrooms and offices /dens/flex rooms after you have settled into the other main rooms. This way you can have a few areas that feel organized instead of an entire home that feels in disarray and lost inside moving boxes.

Take an opportunity to meet a new neighbor, discover a nice walking trail near the lake, visit the community clubhouse or just begin learning about your new neighborhood.

Remember, no matter how you settle into your new homes, you will soon enjoy all of the great amenities within your new neighborhood. If you are interested in the amazing lifestyle by finding a new home in Holland, MI, then contact Covenant Development today to see what’s available before another lakeside community is sold out!

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